RIR Joint Statistics


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RIR Joint Statistics


IANA Delegations IPv4 Address Space

IPv4 Allocations per RIR 2002 (Jan-Aug)

IPv4 Allocations per RIR 1999-2002

IPv4 Allocations by Country 2002 (Jan- Aug)

IANA ASN Delegations

ASN Assignments per RIR 2002 (Jan-Aug)

ASN Assignments per RIR 1999-2002

IPv6 Allocations per RIR 1999-2002

PPT Slide

Total IPv6 Allocations by Country

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The statistics in this presentation are for 1 Jan 2002 - 31 August 2002. More statistical information is available from the ftp sites of each RIR. Please see: http://aso.icann.org/rirs/stats/index.html