Introduction to the Routing Information Service


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Table of Contents

Introduction to the Routing Information Service


Routing Information Service

Why the RIS?

So what is it then…

Routing Information Service

Simple Graphical Overview

Data Collection Points

What is a RRC box?

RIS System Architecture

DBinsert into Database

RIS Services

Current RIS Tools


ASInuse Query Result

AS Query

AS Query Result

Prefix Query

Prefix Query Result

RIS Looking Glass on RRC00

Logical View of Example, Dec’ 2001

“Historical” Aspect of the RIS

Logical View of Example, Mar’ 2002

RIS TopN Utility (beta)

RIS TopN Utility (cont.)

Querying the RIS dBase

The RISreport

Two Branches of the RISreport

BGP Count

Prefix Distribution

RIS Raw Data

Raw Data

RIS Data analysis outside RIPE NCC

Routing Information Service


Summary (cont.)

RIS demo

Questions, Discussion

Author: Matthew Williams


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