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RIPE 51 Sessions Presentation Index

Plenary | Address-Policy | Anti-Spam | Database | DNS | EIX | ENUM | NCC-Services | Routing | Test Traffic

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Plenary Presentations (in order of presentation)

Newcomers Introduction Talk

Hot Potatoes Heat Up BGP Routing (Renate Teixeira, Lip6)

Estimating the Traffic Matrix in IP Networks (Thomas Telkamp, Cariden)

AMS-IX Net Performance Measurements (Geert Nijpels, AMS-IX)

Improving the Security and Robustness of Internet Routing (Georgos Siganos)

AON and Grid Security: XML Web Services vulnerabilities and threats analysis (Yuri Demchenko, University of Amsterdam)

IPv6 Routing Update (Gert Doering, Spacenet)

IPv6 Multihoming Status (Kurtis Lindqvist, Netnod)

IPv6 Address Allocation (Mei Wang)

AS Number Exhaustion and the 4Byte Transition Plan (Geoff Huston, APNIC)

RIPE Policy Development Process (Leo Vegoda, RIPE NCC)

Today’s Challenges in Lawful Interception (Carlo Rogialli)

Introducing ENISA. (Ronald de Bruin)

Reasons for (not) Using EPP for ENUM (Marcos Sanz, DENIC)

ENUM Tier 2 Provisioning Techniques (Adrian Georgescu, AG projects)

ENUM Validation Scheme and process flow (Bernie Hoeneisen, SWITCH)

Combined User and Carrier ENUM under e164.arpa (Michael Haberler)

Broadband, BcN (Korean version of NGN) and Wibro Deployments (Jinhyoun Youn, KT)

Certificates and IP Addresses (Geoff Huston, APNIC)

IPv4 Lifetime Revisited (Geoff Huston, APNIC)

Network Performance Measurement: Privacy and Legal Issues (Andrew Cormack, Ukerna)

Reports from the RIRs and NRO

ASO Address Council update - (Wilfried Woeber)

NRO Statistics Update (Filiz Yilmaz, RIPE NCC)

Current Policy Topics - A world-wide view (Filiz Yilmaz, RIPE NCC)

RIPE NCC Statistics Update (Leo Vegoda, RIPE NCC)

Settlement Based Peering – the Carrier Views (Peter Cohen (TeliaSonera)

DNSSEC Deployment (Olaf Kolkman. (30 min)

Address Policy Working Group


Anti-Spam Working Group


Update to LINX BCP and RIPE-206 (html)

DKIM (Patrick Fältström)



DB Update (Shane Kerr, RIPE NCC)

Review of security mechanisms in the DB (Peter Koch, denic.de)

IRIS pilot frontend to whois (RIPE NCC)


Action points

IETF DNSEXT WG (Olaf Kolkman -- NLnet Labs)

EPP: The next steps (Jaap Akkerhuis)

Effect of anycast on K-root: early results (Lorenzo Colitti, RIPE NCC)

DNS Guru contest (Carsten Strotmann -- Men & Mice)

DNS restructuring update at RIPE NCC (Brett Carr, RIPE NCC)

Deprecation of ip6.int (Andrei Robachevsky, RIPE NCC)

Ripe NCC secondary service policy (Lars-Johan Liman, Autonomica)

DNSSEC in Sweden (Jakob Schlyter -- SUNIC)

Update to RIPE 203 Recommendations for SOA values (Peter Koch, Denic)

ENUM DNS predelegation checks (Peter Koch, Denic)

CADR, DNSSEC Authenticated DNS Registry (Johan Ihrén)


AMS-IX Update (Cara Mascini)

Norwegian Internet Exchange (Kjetil Otter Olsen)

DE-CIX (Bernhard Krönung)

SFINX Update (Sabine Jaume-Rajaonia)

Euro-IX Update (Serge Radovcic)

Terremark (Josh Snowhorn)

INEX Update (Nick Hilliard)

Vienna Internet Exchange (Christian Panigl)

LINX Update (Mike Hughes)

VoIP Peering (Mike Hughes, LINX)

LONAP, RIPE 51 Update (Danesh Bhabuta)

NETNOD (Kurtis Lindqvist)


Reasons for (not) using EPP for ENUM (Markus Sanz, DENIC)

ENUM Tier 2 provisioning techniques (Adrian Georgescu, AG Projects)

ENUM validation Schemes and process flow (Bernie Hoeneisen, SWITCH)

Carrier ENUM and VoIP Peering (Michael Haberler, IPA/nic.at)

News summary (Carsten Schiefner, Deutsche Telekom)

Status update of ENUM at the RIPE NCC (Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC)

Update on the ETSI ENUM Plugtest (Jim Reid, DNS-MODA)

Walking the 9.4.e164.arpa tree: first results (Peter Koch, DENIC)

E.164 testbed numbers: per country or directly from the ITU? (Jim Reid, DNS-MODA)


6DISS (Bernard Tuy)

RIPE NCC Services Working Group


Membership Survey 2005 Results (Paul Rendek, RIPE NCC)

RIPE NCC Update and Vision and Focus 2006: Proposed Changes to Activities in 2006 (Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC)

Hostcount ++ (Andrei Robachevsky RIPE NCC)

RIPE NCC Training Services Activities Update (Rumy Kanis, RIPE NCC)

Routing Working Group

Route flap damping (Philip Smith)

RIS update. (Arife Vural, RIPE NCC)

Test Traffic

Building a solution for active monitoring of the Swedish Internet (Rickard Dahlstrand)

EGEE Project (Loukik Kudarimoti)

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