Ripe 39 Local IR WG the Open Forum Where Policy Is Made


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Table of Contents

Ripe 39 Local IR WG the Open Forum Where Policy Is Made

1 Admin

1b Atendee sign-up sheet


Open Actions (i)

New Open Actions (ii)

38.1 Election of Chair/Co-chairs

38.2 The Form

36.5 Assignment window applied on infrastructure

38.5 Reopen policy discussion do we need a major revision of RIPE 185

38.4 AC to coordinate Address prediction work

38.5 Implement 34.6 LIR-ALLOCATED

38.6 PI policy

36.7 Pre RIR address space

Report from the RIPE NCC

5. NCC Quality of Service

RIPE 36: Wait Queue

17th of may task force

RIPE 37: Wait Queue

RIPE 38: Wait Queue

RIPE 39: Wait Queue

Wait Queue: Ways to go

Flexible assigment window

Status on Flexible AW

6. Portable address space by Nurani Nimpuno

Davids proposal

Straw poll

Proposed actions

Alternative actions


7. Pre RIR address space migration from ARIN to RIPE/APNIC

8. WG Chair & co chairs


Presentation of candidates


9 Global vs Regional Policy

10. AC summary

11.RIR Comparative Policy Overview document.

12. ASO call for nominations


13 Closure of the ICANN ad Hoc Group on numbering

Straw poll

16.Amendment to policy process

Some more background


17. membership-method for individuals ?

18. Open Mike

Author: Hans Petter Holen


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