DNS-WG plenary presentation, RIPE 39

The DNS WG at RIPE 39

         o Thursday 09:00 - 11:25
         o Chair: Ruediger Volk 
         o Scribe: Olaf Kolkman, Daniel Diaz, RIPE NCC
         o // DB, netnews
         o 86 participants (+)

DNS WG Agenda

         o Administrivia
         o Reports (IETF, Software, Other)
         o Documents
         o Issue Areas
           + IDN
           + IPv6
           + DNSSEC>           
	   + Root Servers>           
	   + Operational Testing
         o Security / Abuse
         o I/O with other WGs
         o Suggestions for DNS-WG @ RIPE 40, Praha
         o AOB


         o IETF
         o Jim Reid, Nominum - "status and future of BIND"
           + 8.2.4 soon, 8.3 on agenda (with IPv6 resolver)
           + 9.2 later this year with more config file options, better
                 performance, better cache management
           + 9.3 planned for end 2001
           + problem: funding for ISC and Nominum's work on BIND

The Document Trilogy

         o No progress on "very long" document 
           since RIPE 38
         o final draft to be discussed before/at RIPE 40
         o input needed

Status of DNS Internationalization

         o Patrik Faltstrom - IETF Apps AD
         o names vs. identifiers
         o what is equality?
         o nameprep algorithm, ACE
         o patent issues (Walid, Inc.)
         o IETF IDN WG stalled
         o only(?) alternative to IDNA is "just send UTF8" - with
           all (negative) consequences

IPv6 support

         o AAAA vs. A6
         o bitstring vs. nibble reverse mapping
         o INT vs. ARPA
         o There is no *decision* yet


         o DISI project at RIPE NCC
         o General worries about increasing complexity
         o Need/Want Tools and Tests

"No user servicable parts inside"

         o Presented by Bill Manning
         o Testing of new features / RR types on standards track
         o Community demand: IPv6 forum, DNSSEC efforts, IDN
         o Funded project to determine impact of / gather experience with new
           protocol elements
         o Larger scale than a lab environment
         o Uses ICANN Root data to test technical setup
         o Works with and reports through RSSAC
         o Will deliver statements on operational impact before going "live"


         o TSIG needs NTP
         o "caveat administrator": NTP vulnerabilities may affect nameservers

wrap up
         o I/O with other WGs: none
         o RIPE 40:
           + Chair (RV32) to circulate Agenda well in advance
           + PK46-RIPE to submit final "very long document" draft well in 
         o AOB: none