IP Transition Strategies


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IP Transition Strategies

Initial goals

Why is it a difficult problem?

Why is it a difficult problem?/2

When will IPv6 happen?

Not one solution, but a toolbox

NGtrans story Part 1: the network

NGtrans story Part 1bis: the tunnels

NGtrans story Part 2: the stacks

NGtrans story Part 3: the applications

Basic mechanism: Hybrid stack

Basic mechanism: Tunnel

Network tools

Connecting two IPv6 clouds: Configured tunnel

Connecting an isolated host: Tunnel Broker/1

Tunnel Broker/2

Tunnel Broker/3

Connecting several IPv6 clouds: 6to4

Interoperability tools: Translators

Interoperability tools: DSTM

Case study: phase 0 IPv4 site

Case study: phase 1 hybrid stack servers & routers

Case study: phase 2 hybrid stack clients

Case study: phase 3 Connection to the 6bone

Case study: phase 4 IPv6 only hosts

Case study: phase 5 IPv6 only hosts to IPv4 server

Case study: phase 6 IPv6 site / 6to4

Case study: phase 7 IPv6 site / IPv6 Internet


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Author: Alain Durand

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