Ripe 37 Local IR WG the open forum where policy is made


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Table of Contents

Ripe 37 Local IR WG the open forum where policy is made

RIPE 37- Local IR Working Group Final

1 Admin


2 Agenda

3 RIPE 36 Minutes & actions

Open Actions

New Actions

4 Report from the RIPE NCC Hostmasters

5 Report from the RIRs

7. Restoring the transparency     by Masataka Otha

9. PGP for by Olaf Kolkman, RIPE NCC

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8. Report from the 17th of may Task Force     by Stephen Burley

10. Election procedures for the Address Council

35: Establish Final Selection Procedure for the Address Council

35: Nominations

35: Who May Vote

35: Voting Procedure

35: Summary

AC elections revisited

What do we do ?

Proposed amendments to the ASO MoU

Amendment 1 to Memorandum of Understanding ICANN Address Supporting Organization

1.  Section 2(b) of the ASO MOU is provisionally revised to read as follows:

2.  The amendment to Section 2(b)

3.  In the event additional RIRs

11. Presentations of candidates for the AC election

Sabine Jaume

Francesco Ravanelli

Khaled Abu Mallouh

Moved to the plenary

6. Report from the address councill

What is global policy ?

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Moved to mailinglist /next meeting

12. Status of  the ICANN ad Hoc group

ICANN: Ad Hoc Committee on Addressing Ad Hoc Effort on Future trends

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13. RIPE 174 Arbitration

14. AOB.

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Author: Hans Petter Holen